Online Videos

Suitable for any newcomers or review of live classes attended, we categorize our videos into modules for easy access. Get access to them via our website or monthly emails. We will supply you with your very own login username and password. Request for the login and password here if you have not received. Note that you have to be our Annual Maintenance member for this grant.

Live Classes

Our trainers mainly offer live classes here at Double Pine, our company. If you prefer a face-to-face communication, and would like to taste our awesome coffee and snacks, come see us and join other MAC-5 users community. Feel free to bring your own laptop if you wish to ask more technical questions to our support team. Please note, however, that live classes have limited seats, so we accept reservations on a first-come, first-served basis. So, browse through the live courses and book your seats now. View timetable & Book online

Webinar Classes

If traveling to Double Pine is too difficult for you, sit tight at your desk and join us online with our webinar classes. As much as we love doing live classes, we accommodate distant learners with the same classes and flexible timing. Learn more about webinar classes offered this month here and simply get yourself (and your team members) booked now online. View timetable & Book online

On-site Training Services

If you have a great number of users, a great number of questions that would like to get solved and new users to be trained, you can simply request us for a “private” on-site training sessions. Please book us well in advance as an confirmed appointment is needed. Contact us for more info