MAC-5 Enterprise for Trading businesses. Manage your costs and all sales details. More than just sales or purchase modules of an ordinary accounting system, MAC-5 handles different sales scenarios and products. Separate cash or credit transactions. Manage products sold as item, service, set, or those with serial number or barcode with ease.

Handle up to 25 Foreign Currencies We truly support international transactions, providing you with up to 25 foreign currencies, which are displayed differently from our domestic Thai Baht so to easily spot the differences. Advanced Inventory Control Handle products with complicated units tracking such as those with lot or serial number, barcode, and expiry dates. A parallel unit feature helps manage a product with multiple units when receiving in and issued out for sales such as steel or clothes.   Goods Receipt Plan Specifying expected receipt date for each product in a purchase order would eventually generate a Goods Receipt Plan, helping your warehouse staff to plan ahead and prepare an area to receive goods ordered. Come with a complete details of suppliers, product names, and quantity. See an incoming list by day, week, and month.

Purchase Analysis Analyze your purchase transactions over time, displaying information of your suppliers, products, sorting by those with highest purchase to lowest. Compare purchases between two selected periods as a daily, monthly, or quarterly sum. Get a comprehensive summary of cash-or-credit purchases over time with a click! All reports are equipped with robust filtering and sorting options for maximum analysis. Supplier Analysis Evaluate how reliable or timely a delivery of a supplier is by comparing past performances. Compare price offered by different suppliers or products, including given discounts, to help making a great purchase decision. Aging Reports Better take control of your cash flow by planning ahead of your expenses and income. Sellers can expect dates of incoming payment while buyers can expect outgoing payment dates. Call a report and filter time period that matters to your present to gauge your cash availability effectively.

Sales Report by Customer and by Product Analyze your sales by prioritizing customer then product, and vice versa. Instantly get a full insight on your VIP clients or best-selling products and tell your marketing team about it! Filter in your salesperson or project to look at the sales amount as performance – in a summary or with details. Export easily to excel if needed. Profit and Loss by Product Know the costs of goods, hence profit and loss, per product as soon as you create a new deal. Choose to view costs of goods sold in summary or detailed, marking clearly domestic and international sales in foreign currencies, adjusted for any exchange rate differences. Sales and Purchase Comparison by Product Made for trading businesses, compare the amount sold and purchased of the same product, helping you gauge your strategy and keep an eye on the best- and worst-selling products. Costs and Budget Control Get a hold of your actual costs and compare them with the budget by project, department, branch, and employee. Service businesses benefit greatly from this feature that allows them a fuller picture of a project costing.

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รองรับการเชื่อมต่อกับระบบอื่นของมาเลเซีย ที่ใช้งานอยู่เพื่อดึงข้อมูลมาลงระบบบัญชีแยกประเภทได้เลยโดยไม่ต้องเสียเวลา

- MR.D.I.Y.

Like MAC-5’s billing feature with multiple columns to see different angle of data. Filtering becomes an ease.

- Namsilp Thai

We use MAC-5 to analyze costs, revenue, sales performance, and profit and loss per item. Love that it could easily show cost per item.

- Helmut Fisher (Thailand)

MAC-5 ใช้ง่ายดี ตอบโจทย์ความต้องการได้เป็นอย่างดี มีความยืดหยุ่นสามารถจ้างเขียนเพิ่มตามความต้องการได้

- คุณสมฤทัย Gold Master Public Company Limited

โมดูลใน MAC-5 ใช้งานทุกระบบ โปรแกรมก็ซัพพอร์ตการทำงานได้ดี รายงา export เป็น excelได้สะดวก

- Ono Ono Thailand Public Company Limited