MAC-5 Enterprise for Steel trading, transforming, and manufacturing businesses gives you the most accurate costs of steel-type inventory. Unique with unit specialization, a “parallel unit” feature allows one product to have 2 units convertible exchangeably in all input and output. Control costs in every process of transformation or manufacturing steel.

Support Different Steel Business Natures

Manage the buying and selling of steel, transforming, and cutting of steel products within the context of the business. Our implementation team is also experienced in helping clients in this industry use MAC-5 for optimizing their operation.

Handle all steel-type products

Record your products in roll, piece, kilogram, and more to reflect their real nature, allowing you to receive them in one unit and sell in another flexibly while maintaining the accuracy of quantity in stock. All units can be displayed in forms and reports.

Support Steel Transformation Process

Issue steel in one unit to transform and receive in another unit. Control materials to be used and costs of production in each lot of products. Track the amount of approved finished goods and waste in each job or project in a comprehensive inventory reports.

Distribute Additional Expenses

In case steel products are imported from abroad, you can add in overhead, labor, or other extra expenses into each product record, to reflect the real costs of goods. Choose to distribute them by basing on price, quantity or the main unit, or quantity of the parallel (secondary) unit.

Custom Forms

Come with customized forms that display quantity, main and secondary units, and price per unit. You can always choose what you wish to display in the forms and documents especially the parallel units.

Special Reports with Parallel Units

All analysis reports for this business solution would show units both the main and the secondary to support the context of daily operation: Lot-specific purchases report, top sales report, inventory balance with lot number report, purchase order and sales order analysis reports are some examples. Choose to see all of them in summary or in details. Filter narrower data from customer, supplier, store, department, job, branch, and employee codes flexibly.

See How MAC-5 help businesses like yours

MAC-5 helps quicken the speed of and cross-check the work. It reduces the mistakes and communication among multiple departments and saves time to audit mistakes. Documents of any department can be quickly inspected. It totally supports how we work.

- Boriboon Steel Industrial

We use MAC-5 in AR and AP, which are easy to use. Their reports also support our requirements greatly.

- Teerachai Steel Corporation

MAC-5 มี “หน่วยนับขนาน” ที่รองรับสินค้าประเภทเหล็ก โดยตรง

- Mitr Steel