and Re-implementation

   Want to start using MAC-5 but find it a bit too confusing and complicated to handle everything on your own? Let us know or even better – our sales will let you know – if you need our implementation services.

Implementation is a process whereby our Consultation and Implementation team go visit you on site and talk to all important stakeholders: department managers, directors, owners, and users. The team consists of expert implementors who have completed hundreds of projects over years for a variety of industries. (You can be sure they’ve handled a company like yours.)

  Up to 12 times on site, they will start by asking questions in order to learn about your workflow and business process, to know your special requirements, and then establish a customized guidebook as to how you – and only you – should be using MAC-5. Then, they will set up the codes, migrate data, customize forms, install software and manage your hardware if needed. After all is done, they will come for private training sessions according to the guidebook, and make sure your users know how to use MAC-5 to work according to your own workflow. For any of you who have been using MAC-5 for a long time, and find that your data is being corrupted, there are a lot of unused codes, or your expert MAC-5 users have left, you can simply request a Re-implementation to clean your MAC-5 database and refresh the work system once again. This service is one of the most important but also the most foreign to most people outside software business and those who have not experienced any software before. However, please note that it plays a very crucial role to get your users started and hence make your investment in the software all worthwhile. Contact us for more details of the process.

IT Services

We have a competent IT team with much experience to attentively service you and deliver IT management success, both MAC-5 and non-MAC-5 related issues. We give full services on IT such as IT structure review, network design-configuration-installation, security, data lost, slowness, virus protection, backup and restore, unwanted program installation on client machine, and more. Our main offerings include:

  • Domain Controller and Workgroup: Setup, install and configure all items on a server to be used with our product, together with user listing, trust and accessibility.
  • File Server: We could supply and install licensed operating system for you. The edge is we can configure all elements to match your needs and our software needs; whether it be file and peripheral sharing, trust and accessibility, boot-up file scripting, drive mapping, and other automatic backup-restore and many other useful Windows features.
  • Database Server: We could install licensed Microsoft SQL Server and configure the system to whatever system in needs, including our software. The edge is we are very proficient and have much experience on this issue. We could relate Windows and SQL Server accessibility, manage Stored Procedure and make up for automatic analysis and maintenance plan. We also can teach your IT on how to manage large database, if requested.
  • Procurement: We could analyze your needs, propose, procure and install computers, operating systems and other licensed application for you. We do configure and view your system to match and work in consistent with our and other software. We always provide brand items with competitive and attractive values.

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Have some features that are totally unique to your company? Customizing them is an option! Talk to our expert and let’s plan that out together. Talk to our expert

Are you a MAC-4 user who’s interested in MAC-5, contact us to learn about Upgrade.