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Everything in SME PLUS

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Everything in SML PLUS

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Unlimited companies!
Accounts Receivable (Sales)
Accounts Payable (Purchase)
Inventory Control
General Ledger
Bank and Cheque
Fixed Assets
+ Internal Purchase Requisition
+ Billing Note
+ Delivery Order
+ Goods Receipt Voucher
Basic data tabulation reports
for all modules
+ Filters by time period
and other advanced options
+ Comparison data in reports
with advanced filtering options
+ Cash Sales/Daily
Transaction Reports
+ Analytical reports with
complete filtering options!
Basic analytical reports
for all modules
+ Profit and Loss by Product
+ Product Movement
+ Serial/Lot products report
+ Tax special report
(A summary of PND 3, 53)
Do More!
Customization available
Industry-specific function add-ons
Extra integration with other software

Frequently Asked Questions

How is MAC-5 better than others? What’s the main difference?

MAC-5 specializes in finding the most accurate costing, aiming to make the best out of accounting records for management purposes. We support businesses who grow out of their initial smaller accounting software and have needs to get more insights out of the system. MAC-5 offers more “details” from the process of accounting records, and turn those details into multi-dimensional reports that users in all levels can do robust filtering and export to excel to do more formatting if needed. Moreover, MAC-5 is very flexible and is developed to serve specific needs of each industry, namely, manufacturing, trading, services, steel, or wood among others. Our experienced implementation team and supporting partners are also ready to give you consultation.

How is the pricing determined?

MAC-5 comes with 3 plans: SME, SML, and Enterprise depending to the size of your business. Cost of the software generally depends on the number of users. There are 2 main approaches for our pricing.
One, plan A, is suit for small businesses that planned to use just 1 or 2-users; it will be one price for all users. The other,
plan B, is to choose from a set price (5-users, 10-users, 15-users set): for access to all modules for all users.

The total price is comprised of the software fee + any additional add-on systems you may need + integration or customization requested + implementation fees. (This excludes cost for any other external software you want us to introduce.)
Other details of your required add-ons may be suggested by our sales consultants after hearing all your requirements.

Contact them to get the quote just for you.

Do we need to buy more licenses if the user is the same person who works for many companies?

You don’t need to because MAC-5 can accommodate unlimited companies within the same Server.

What is implementation service? Why should I need it?

Implementation service is required by businesses with complicated workflow or those who are unfamiliar with ERP. Our expert team will guide you through how to get started, from designing the data codes, to converting data to our format, to training your users based on your own workflow. The project is ranged in average of 3-4 months. It is truly recommended if you are not sure how exactly to integrate MAC-5 into your current system.

Please read more here.

What is Annual Maintenance? Why should I need it?

Annual Maintenance is the annual service fee which needs to be paid yearly, roughly about 10% of your software fee. It is a recurring fee for maintaining the software which comes with benefits and services from us. For details of each package into which your fee falls, please refer to this page.

I don’t have any employee directly from the accounting field. Is it still okay for us to use MAC-5?

Yes. The users in the Sales and Purchase modules do not need to know accounting since transactions related to particular customers, suppliers, or products can be configured to link with particular account codes on the account chart. Initially, we may have to consult your outsourced advisers or accounting agency on how to customize that according to your preferences.

Does MAC-5 offer any customization or interface with any software we’re using?

Yes, MAC-5 offers a customization service if you need some specific features which fit your own requirements. Also, if you’re using any software currently and would like to have it linked to MAC-5 to avoid double work, we also have a function to conveniently interface the data set selected.

Contact us to learn more.

Is MAC-5 on-cloud? How does it handle a company with different branches.

MAC-5 can be On-cloud and on-premise.

For the Cloud option, we collaborate with our partner to help you host and access your database successfully with highest security. There would be a yearly subscription plan, which is totally affordable and convenient!

For the on-premise option, we use a SQL Server. You can start with the Express version or ask us to provide you with the license if your database expands later.

If you have users in many locations, we have a small command software called "Terminal Service" which allows users from different branches to work on the same database in the central server. This way, MAC-5 can still support a company with branches if you do not opt for the cloud option.

What are the services offered after purchase?

You would receive a one-year free services from us after purchase including answering any questions or problems you have with the software, new updates, monthly seminar, bug or error fixes, live and webinar learning classes and convenient booking platform, self-learning video channels, customer portal to submit and track your cases, FAQ database, and a public webboard to post questions or opinions to our community.

There are multiple channels to reach our customer service team: Facebook Chat (Fan Page: MAC-5 Enterprise), your own Customer Portal, phone calls (both office and mobile numbers), or start chatting with us in the bottom left corner here!

Read more about our Support above.