We’re always looking for new partners to join us in force to help our clients – whether you’re a software application developer, a solution or service provider, a business consultant, accounting agency or a motivated sales. Create new opportunities with us today!

Software Solution Partners

Our customers are always in need for software that could take their back-office system to a full-looped automation.

Here are some of their most popular requests:

  • A Point of Sale system (POS) to handle restaurants and cafes or retail shops.
  • E-Commerce platform to help our trading customers take their sales online!
  • Production Planning to manage complicated massive production lines.
  • A CRM or Sales Automation to help field sales team create orders and check stock level in real-time anywhere!
  • Warehouse Management System (WMS) to help manage and locate inventory more precisely
  • Hotel Management to act as a front office for hospitality businesses.
  • Tour Management to support tour agencies from ticketing, seat reservation, and sales records
  • Web/Mobile Application Developer to handle data interface with MAC-5
  • Business Intelligence to link information of different software applications into one analyzable chunk.

…and more!

Business Alliance Levels

There are 3 levels of business alliances depending on the role to deal-closing process in each case including:

    1. Lead recommender
    2. Quality lead recommender (lead screening and support deal-closing process)
    3. Deal closer (distributor)

The products and revenue sharing percentage depends on the efforts spent into each client case
Don’t miss the opportunity to grow with MAC-5 Legacy, the ERP that fits the needs of your clients.