State-of-the-art software turns accounting

to the best tool for management

MAC-5 integrates your back-office into one robust system that brings your sales, purchasing, inventory, finance, and accounting teams in sync with your managerial team. We specialize in detailed accounting, allowing your accountant to make indications to each accounting record in many dimensions. These will come handy in our many reports whereby you can filter data flexibly to get insights that aid any management decisions.

That is what MAC initially stands for: Management, Accounting, and Costing

Efficiently Automate Your Back-Office Management

Little charming features

Full of mini tricks that would speed up your work, featuring right-clicking, perfect excel export, one-to-many vouchers, and more

Run it on your Windows or Cloud!

Works on Microsoft Window XP or later. Choose Microsoft SQL Server or Access for a database. [Click here to download IT Environment Spec Sheet.]Or opt for a cloud solution with us today!

Printable forms and documents

Comes with a full set of forms, documents, and reports. More than 120 standard layouts for you to choose from both in Thai and English e.g. VAT and Withholding Tax forms, Stock Card report, and Sales-related forms.

Overview features

Unlimited Companies

Create as many companies in your database. Talk about good value of investment.


Support Thai and English in all menus.

Integration and Customization

We believe all systems should be integrated, so we make interfacing with your current software and hardware super easy at lower costs. Customization on certain features is also possible. Contact us for rough estimation

Advanced Search and Drill-Down Options

Finding your documents could be fast and easy with our advanced search engine that lets you find anything in your database. Also click drill down to see vouchers from different work spaces easily.

Embedded Knowledge

Code setting becomes easier as we already set standard values for you. If you can use them, go ahead or just erase and replace with your existing ones.

Support various businesses:

Manufacturing, Trading, Services, Import, Export, Steel, Wood, and more

Integrate with the software/hardware you’re using + Customizable!

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Module Industry

Accounts Receivable (Sales)

MAC-5 handles all sales-related processes and workflow, from issuing quotation, sales order, deposit, invoice, billing, receipt to delivering goods.

All documents and forms are ready for use. Our sales reports are adept at performing filtering, sorting, and analyzing your sales data across dimensions such as customers, salesperson, zone, products, and inventory.

Our sales module also provides you with essential data (e.g. sales allowances, deposit, product costs) along the way, so you can make sales safely and always run profits.

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Account Payables (AP)

Make your purchasing team’s work easier and faster with our Accounts Payable module. Handle all purchasing workflow from issuing Internal Purchase Request, purchase order, invoice, receipt, to making payment and receiving goods into storage.

Seamlessly integrated with Inventory Control system, the number of inventory is updated real-time.

Make a smarter buying decision with purchase history data and our supplier reliability analysis among other useful reports.

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General Ledger (GL)

Your accounting will not be the same with our General Ledger as it would guide you to insert more details into each accounting record. This practice will reward you later when you or your management needs any statistics or numbers.

Expenses by projects, sales by salesperson, revenue by customers, total spending by department, highest costs in production, costs of inventory: all of theses? Handled!

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Inventory Control (IC)

Easily handle complicated inventory such as those with barcode/serial/lot numbers, expiry dates, or steel products with multiple units. Robustly manage costs and related transactions whether you’re trading, import, or manufacturing company.

First introduced by MAC-5, our “parallel unit” feature allows you to match multiple units used by one product and use them interchangeably in transactions e.g. buy with one unit and sell with another.

This module can be sold separately if you’re interested!

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Fixed Assets,Bank, Check and Tax

Our Fixed Assets, Bank and Cheque, and Tax systems work in integration with the rest of the core modules of MAC-5. Easier than ever to get your accounting work done whether it be depreciation calculation, profit and loss from sales of assets, issuing cheques for multiple creditors, and submitting tax forms. All for the most accurate and speediest collaboration within your organization!

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MAC-5 for trading and service businesses helps you gain better insights into your profits and loss as well as costs of goods and other expenses. Organize your stocks and know their costs at all time.

If you’re using POS or barcode system (e.g. Food and Beverage company), just let us know so we can arrange integration. Or if you need one, let us know too, so we can introduce our trusted partners.

Customization of features is also possible.

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Handle your inventory in each process of manufacturing, from Raw Materials, to Work-In-Process, to Finished Goods. MAC-5 recognizes both quantity and costs of your inventory and conveniently put them into comprehensive reports for you.

Come with multi-layer Bill of Materials (BOM) which allows you to construct your manufacturing formula tailored to your products.

Production Material Planning add-on* lets you see exact quantity to buy whenever your production inventory drops below the minimum requirement level.
Our expert team is particularly experienced in implementing MAC-5 for manufacturing businesses over the past decades.

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Importing goods can incur some additional expenses which are not integrated into the costs of goods. MAC-5 helps you record all those extra fees such as insurance, shipping, freight, and duty so you get the most accurate costs.

Also support up to 25 foreign currencies, so no worries about international transactions!

Need to control cost of each imported lot of goods? Simple as well. Learn more about our Inventory Control module to see why.

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Prepare you with forms and documents that allow you to input Net Weight, Gross Weight, and CBM numbers of each product, and print them easily on the forms provided.

Talk about forms, we have plenty! whether it be Packing List, Commercial Invoice, or Proforma Invoice.

Adding any extra expenses that are incurred due to export procedures such as insurance or freight is now easy.

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Powerful & Approachable Platform for Every Business Need


Record different units of steel and use them interchangeably with our Parallel Units feature. Receive a roll of steel into your stock, and sell them by kilogram. Print both of these units on all your documents, forms and see on reports.

Controlling lot number is made easy too with a choice to a) choose a lot to issue by yourself case by case or b) let the software automatically issue the lot on the FIFO basis.

Now your storages will be well organized!

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