Make your production decisions in one page!

  • See the products requested from Sales Order or stock fulfilment requests all in one page.
  • Select which products to commit to production plan or to void them. Once committed, their MOs and WOs will be pre-created in a set according to the templates. No need to create one by one!
  • Set your own status conveniently.

Manage raw materials in one page!

Once committed to production plan, all your products will be broken down according to their BOMs.

The system will help you calculate the missing raw materials based on the remaining balance. You can then decide what to do in order to fulfill the requested quantity of products:

  • “Reserve”: if there are sufficient finished goods
  • “Produce”: if the raw materials are sufficient
  • “Purchase”: if the raw materials are insufficient

Manage all your purchase request in one page!

  • Collect all requests from your Purchase Requests, both those created directly and those generated from production needs.
  • Group the same raw materials from multiple requests to create a bulk purchase order
  • Approve (endorse) all your lists here conveniently.
  • Quickly see the past purchase records to compare the prices

Track the progress in a broad view

  • production process for a product from when a Sales Order or a stock fulfillment request is created, all the way to the date the product is needed.
  • All documents will be arranged by the time created and separated by colors.
  • See the date, document number, and the statuses of the documents all in one page!