Better and more advance inventory management

  • Specify properties of each stock in terms of volume, weight, and multiple (and parallel) units
  • Manage batch and lot, serial number, and expiry date of goods in addition to item and service types of stock.
  • Categorise different types of stores by purposes with our default categorises e.g. lent, claimed, for sales, inventory, and production

Support manufacturing businesses

  • Set up a Bill of Materials (BOM) to support your manufacturing process, down with multiple levels.
  • For manufacturing or restaurant businesses, raw materials can be transformed (assembled, mixed, or built) via their BOMs.
  • See our MRP module for the built-in material requirement planning system (Coming Soon)

Gain insights to your costs via our reports.

  • See a balance of inventory in multiple warehouses, including lot and serial number, in an Inventory Balance report.
  • Track the in and out of stock in each warehouse in a Stock Movement report.
  • See Inventory Ageing report often to prevent dead stock.
  • Get a list of stock to purchase from a Minimum Stock report.
  • Print Stock Counting report to inspect, count, and adjust the stock to reflect physical goods.