General Ledger (GL)
Get started with a detailed accounting best practice for the most comprehensive and analytical reports.

Auto-reverse your bookkeeping Conveniently switching your debit and credit records with a click. Journal entry by audit Incorporate your journal entry amount in the Trial Balance report. Bookkeeping Template Create a template to record your frequent or regular accounting entries. Now that’s a great time-saving feature!

Expense Allocation Allocate expenses to different work units or departments automatically to reduce repeating tasks. Analyze expenses by project or job Use our General Ledger Analysis reports to see all expenses incurred for a project or job as well as other relating details such as personnel, department, and customer. Revenue and Expenses by Department Get a grip of your revenue center and cost center comprehensively by this report. See how much a team earns or spends over a selected period of time.

Profit and Loss by Branch One of the most essential reports provided, this report summarizes the profit and loss of all your branches. Profit and Loss Monthly Comparison See the trend of your P&L over the months. Revenue and Spendings by Project Get a complete view of both the ins and outs of each project in one report.

See How MAC-5 help businesses like yours

MAC-5 greatly aids us to issue financial statements, fiscal closure, of the latter which we can repeat as many times as we’d like. Other software cannot do that for us.

- Taiyo Kokyo (Thailand)

We appreciate MAC-5’s ability to analyze data by project in its General Ledger Analysis reports.

- OPG Tech