Food and Beverage
MAC-5 Enterprise offers a complete solution for food and beverage businesses such as restaurants, cafes, and food manufacturers and distributors. Seamlessly integrated with POS of your choice, MAC-5 is a robust back-office system to help control your inventory and costs, and allows great insights into your sales and purchases.

Flexible field for input Record quantity and price per unit of log/cubic foot in sales, purchases, and manufacturing modules. Cubic Foot Volume Calculation Automatically calculate quantity and volume (cubic foot) of woods received into or issued from stores, displayed figures accurately in reports. Set a unit specific to selling, and have units converted automatically. For instance, cubic foot unit can be converted to cubic meters and display in the required form.

Overhead expenses Record labor and other overhead costs in journal voucher to recognize costs incurred during transformation. In a special report, filter the type of wood – e.g. fresh wood, coated wood, dried coated wood – and get a summary of labor costs associated with each. Additional Costs Distribute any additional expenses incurred during the purchasing or transformation process. Choose to proportionally distribute by log quantity or cubic foot unit.

Automatic stock updates during wood processing Always get the most up-to-date inventory balance. Decrease quantity of inventory from one store to increase in another store during a transformation process. For instance, fresh wood materials, issued out of a raw material store, are converted to coated plywood, received into a Work-In-Process store. Custom Forms All forms are customized to the context of this business such as Delivery Order, Tax Invoice, and Export-related forms with volume and sales price in cubic meters. Analysis Reports All reports in the wood business solution – sales, purchases, inventory control – would display quantity of log and cubic foot unit: daily wood purchases, daily saw report, sales summary, sales comparison, and inventory balance.

Profit and Loss by Branch

Conveniently see the performance of each branch of restaurant as well as the top and lowest sales menu items of each branch.

Profit and Loss by Product

See the profit and loss numbers of each product in both amount and percentage within a specified period. Also compare the numbers by week, quarter, month, or year so you could appropriately manage the operation and promotion.

Detailed Sales Analysis

See sales reports in addition to those available in your POS, and analyze the sales numbers further by comparing them by week, month, quarter, or year. See the top sales products of certain branches in specific period of time.

Detailed Purchase Analysis

Keep all purchase history of each vendor: which product you purchased, at what price, with how much discount. Make the next purchase decision confidently with our purchase analysis reports, comparing the purchases of different periods of time.

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