Fixed Assets,Bank, Check and Tax
Get started with a detailed accounting best practice for the most comprehensive and analytical reports.


Easily record your depreciation values right from the report page. Automatically make accounting entries for monthly and annual depreciation and all are editable if needed.

Profit and Loss from Sales of Assets

Automatically calculate any profit or loss from selling your assets.


See Depreciation report for a transactional history, a 12-month comparison report, and an asset sales report. All can be filtered by job, department, and location of assets.

Automatic Bank Reconciliation

Post entries from Cheque input to Bank automatically.

Bank Fees

Conveniently record bank fees incurred during transaction.

Cheque Forms

Conveniently print out the cheque formats, which are already provided in both Thai and English.

Cheque Filtering

Filter your cheque information with the detailed and advanced search provided.

Flexible Cheque Record

Record one cheque to pay for or receive from many payments at once. The total amount of the cheque can also be different from actual receipt or payment amount.

Multiple VAT rates

Set up any VAT rate to be used in the Accounts Receivable, Accounts Payable, and General Ledger modules. Choose to have the VAT inside the transaction or at the end of bill.

Tax Forms

Choose from many standard tax forms provided. You can also print 2 Withholding taxes in one form.

Withholding Taxes

Print PND 3 or 53 for withholding taxes from suppliers when recording the entries. Get monthly special reports for them as well. PND 2 is also provided if needed.

Internet Tax Submission

Submit your tax reports via internet directly from MAC-5 and gain 15 more days allowance!

See How MAC-5 help businesses like yours

Quick report, quick links between documents and transactions to GL. Save us a lot of time!

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MAC-5 offers a variety of reports with multiple filters which we love.

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