MAC-5 Enterprise for Export businesses, handling all processes required to export goods while capturing the true costs involved. Issue custom forms and reports displaying Net Weight, Gross Weight, and CBM as well as foreign currencies. Get an accurate profit and loss figure, well adjusted from exchange rates differences.

Customer Codes

Separate domestic customers from those foreign ones by setting up different codes. You’ll see how convenient it is when filtering from reports comparing domestic with foreign transactions.

Handle up to 25 foreign currencies

Support all international transactions with up to 25 foreign currencies, displayed along with local Thai Baht or alone on all forms and reports. Record exchange rates (spot/daily) to reflect real differences, which are automatically adjusted and recorded in the General Ledger. Profit and loss from exchange rates will also be calculated to give you the real margin figure of the transactions.

Adjusting for Unrealized Gain and Loss from Exchange Rate

Specify an exchange rate at the end of financial closure date and adjust for any unrealized gain and loss, automatically recorded in the General Ledger module. You’ll see the new exchange rate, amount, and profit/loss reflected from the adjustment in Pending Receivables report.

Extra Input Fields for Extra Units

Record net weight, gross weight, and CBM in addition to default information of your products and print them on labels to attach to cartons ready to ship. Automatically run carton number to reduce manual work.

Custom Export Forms 

Create forms of essential documents that matter to your export procedure flexibly right from MAC-5. Already provided with multiple formats of forms such as Proforma Invoice, Commercial Invoice, and Packing List, printable and exportable to excel with perfection. All vouchers and reports can display required units such as Net Weight, Gross Weight, CBM, as well as carton number and other fields you may need./


Sales Report by Customer Group

Compare daily, weekly, monthly, or quarterly sales amount by group of customers – domestic and international. Further filter the reports to see data for specific time period, customer, job, salesperson, and more.

Pending Receivables

Get a hold of total amount owed by your customers in both Thai Baht and foreign currencies. Filter in time period, currency, product, customer, or job to get a narrower list, greatly helping your finance to follow up on the collection.

See How MAC-5 help businesses like yours

Its General Ledger module is very flexible, especially that it is integratabtle with our existing inventory system!

- KVN Import Export (1991)

Easily drill down to a voucher from any report page!

- Nichiworld

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