Accounts Receivable (Sales)
Centralize your sales processes into one with our Accounts Receivable (Sales) module.
Support both domestic and international sales transactions.

Quotation and Analysis Customize your own statuses for quotations. Tag your salespersons and project to analyze performances by salesperson and projects. See Pending Quotation Report to update on quotations that are sent but not converted.

Multi-Layer Discounts Have to give discounts after discounts and want them shown on your paper? Done! You can add in-record discount and end-of-bill discounts, latter of which offer 2 more discount fields. Each of them can handle up to 5-level of discounts.

Multi-Layer Taxes Insert in-record tax per item and, again, an overall tax at the end of bill. You can also choose tax percentage flexibly or let the software automatically fill a certain percentage for you every time.

Set sales allowances Set allowances for each customer to limit sales amount. Check and approve allowances before making a deal, preventing you from selling more to those with high pending payments.

Price Setting There are various ways to set prices to products in MAC-5: a) set them manually b) set them in the price lists and c) set them based on certain percentages of the costs of goods. Have the prices auto-filled in the field for you to speed up the work process!

Sell a set product Easily display a set of products on your documents. MAC-5 allows you to group a few products into one set and show them as a new product.

Check Stock Availability Before Sales Just right before you open a new deal, check if your store has that product you’re about to sell: quantity in store, to receive, and to purchase. You can also enable an option to prevent your sales from selling any product that is not in store.

Mark billing dates Indicate payment/billing date for each customers in order to generate a payment collection plan. Filter through a report easily to see who you will need to collect payments from today!

Pending and overdue receivables Our pending receivables report can quickly gives you a glance of customers who are due to pay you in each time period. Specify the duration in which you wish to analyze overdue amounts, e.g. 0-30 days, 31-60 days, 61-90 days, and 90 days above. Useful to evaluate and grade your customers to prevent you from bad cashflow!

Profit and Loss from Sales One of the most robust reports in MAC-5 is the Profit and Loss by product. See the costs of each product along side the sales amount to see if it generates profit or loss and by how many percent. Choose to see a summary or details.

Mark goods delivery dates Indicate when your customers want their deliveries and let your warehouse team look through the Delivery Plan report to prepare the products accordingly. Analyze any pending or late deliveries in our other reports to enhance team performance.

Sales Analysis by so many dimensions! Sales report is not the same here in MAC-5 as you can twist the data and see the numbers by customer, salesperson, product, or time period. Of course, you can get a quarterly, monthly, weekly, or daily sales in a flash.

See How MAC-5 help businesses like yours

We use MAC-5 to analyze costs, revenue, sales performance, and profit and loss per item. Love that it could easily show cost per item.

- Helmut Fisher (Thailand)

MAC-5 reports allow us to see data per supplier, are easy to use, pretty, and easily exportable to excel.

- ISEO Import-Export