Account Payables (AP)
Centralize your purchasing and payment processes into one with our Accounts Payable (Purchase) module.Support both domestic and international purchase transactions.

Purchase Request Approval

Customize your statuses to signify approval process for the internal purchase request voucher.

Check balance before purchase

Check the availability of your inventory in each store before making a purchase.

Price Benchmark

Always get the best deal by referring back to the highest and lowest price ever purchased for a particular product in each store.

Auto Pricing

Let MAC-5 automatically place the price for a particular product for you. The price here can be set by various approaches. Check out Price Setting feature here. Save time and reduce mistakes!

Deposit Balance

Get a correct number of total amount due to pay after deducting your deposit money to the supplier. Input the exact amount you want to make as payment for your current transaction conveniently!

Additional Purchase Expenses

Add any extra expenses incurred in the process of acquiring your inventory such as shipping fees and insurance. Those expenses will be added as an additional amount to your product price to reflect the real costs of goods, preventing you from selling under costs again.

Additional Purchase Amount Required

Get exact number of product to be purchased into your stock so not to over-purchase or under-purchase. Set maximum and minimum requirement value point of each inventory, and the system will calculate how much more is needed. Generate a Purchase Request to continue the process.

Supplier Reliability Report

Enhancing the efficiency of your purchasing of essential products by analyzing the delivery time of each supplier for ordered products. Choose to see this report by summary or detailed; by supplier, product, or job; and select the period by which delivery arrivals are to be analyzed.

Pending Purchase Report

Track the progress of your purchase easily with this report, informing your which product and how many is requested, is purchased, and is still pending. Also get a summary view of requests by department and job.

Purchase Tax

Indicate the date to submit your purchase tax to the government (not more than 6 months) in case you wish to delay the submission to later dates.

Withholding Tax

Never forget to withhold the tax from your supplier by specifying the type of service since in each supplier’s profile. Print out to tax forms or submit their taxes via internet easily.

See How MAC-5 help businesses like yours

We also purchased many additional add-ons to cater for foreign transactions, SO-PO automatic conversion, and automatic voucher running by year.

- Oriental Food

MAC-5 fulfills all the needs for my accounting job. I like all modules, but my preference in in its features to filter data by year and month, and to easily call upon data in the past.

- River Engineering