Double Pine – or “Two Pines” –

Double Pine was founded by Dr. Savettanun and K. Janechira Prayoonrat, a programmer and an accountant who established a small accounting software in 1990. It was then named “MAC,” shortened from  Management, Accounting, and Costing with the basic concept to make “accounting” most useful and resourceful for business owners. Since then, MAC-1 was born and here we are…with “MAC-5 Legacy,” the latest version of the MAC.


We created our products from real insights and pains of our users. With determination to develop software that can derive the most exact costing numbers, we incorporated multi-dimensional reports that offer multiple views that business owners will question. We believe Thai businesses need a strong backbone system that is investment-worthy and offers real efficiency.


Our Mission

Always deliver an ERP with knowledge and experience

Our Vision

Become the ERP selected by customers in ASEAN

Our Values


Is straightforward in our words and actions. Is honest in our thoughts towards our co-workers and customers. Holds on to the same principle of fairness and equality and follows through on our responsibility.


Is precise in our output - writing, words, and actions. Always develops our knowledge and capability to reflect ourselves and our brand in the society.


Must be trustworthy by our coworkers and customers. Can be held accountable to complete our assignment so not to be burden to others.