Double Pine – or Two Pines – is a combination of our founders: one programmer and one accountant (Dr. Sam and Jenny Prayoonrat). They started off in 1990 developing a simple accounting software for a public company and named it “MAC,” which stands for Management, Accounting, and Costing, the basic concepts for the following MAC-2 to the current MAC-5. Read more about us and our clients.

We build our product from customer insights and everyday requirements faced by our users, focusing on those who demand
accurate stock, costing, and the need to analyze data in multi-dimensions.
That is why we pack tons of filters in all our reports.
We believe Thai businesses need a rigid backbone system that is affordable and truly effective.

Our Mission

Always deliver an intelligent and insightful ERP platformAlways deliver an intelligent and insightful ERP platform

Our Vision

To become the selected ERP in ASEAN

Our Values


We’re true to our words and actions. We express our honest opinions to our colleagues and customers, basing on the common principles. We don’t take advantages of others and of ourselves. We follow through in what we said we would do with no excuses.


We’re precise and neat in whatever we do - writings, output, behaviors. To achieve neatness, we strive to be truly knowledgable and always learning new things. We care about our appearances as representatives of our brands and our values.


Not just reliable, we need to be trustable wholeheartedly by our colleagues and customers. We can be expected to complete the tasks we said would do, would follow through, would not fail our promises. We’re dedicated to being accountable for our actions so not to burden our teammates.

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